Organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful

Google is a public and profitable company focused on search services. Named for the mathematical term “googol”, Google operates web sites at many international domains, with the most trafficked being Google is widely recognized as the “world's best search engine” because it is fast, accurate and easy to use.

Use social listening to power any decision

Brandwatch builds smart software solutions that help marketers capture, analyze and share insights from social data to better prove the value of marketing in social. The core Brandwatch technology is built to listen to the millions of conversations happening all over the web every day, which can then be analyzed to unlock a whole host of advantages.

Amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Points in particular, is the innovative Retail Experience System which intercepts every mobile device. This system offers precious input about the customers and offers them a valuable shopping experience, easy to integrate with CRM and real time marketing actions.

The recognized leader in cloud networking

Meraki, part of Cisco, provides enterprise management solutions 100% cloud. Cloud networking adopts a wide range of systems which include wireless, switching, security and managing systems, all managed by remote control from cloud. Meraki brings the scalability, manageability and efficiency gains of the cloud to enterprise networks, wthout the costs of traditional architecture systems.

The only fully integrated & automated system to easily guarantee application performance over a Wide Area Network.

Ipanema gives enterprises the solutions they need to guarantee ERP, CRM and business application performance to every user. Ipanema help CIOs to easily manage their strategic IT transformations, including Unified Communications, SaaS, and Cloud computing and embrace social media and BYOD.

WPP is a world leader in advertising and marketing services

WPP is the world's largest communications services group. Within WPP, clients have access to companies with all the necessary marketing and communications skills; companies with strong and distinctive cultures of their own. Through its companies, WPP offers a comprehensive and, when appropriate, integrated range of communications services.